Facility Engineering

WZI provides facility engineering services including design, procurement and construction management. Our team provides these services for both private sector and for Department of Defense.

Power Plant Development and Support

WZI has provided full development support including all aspects of project negotiation and licensing.

Site Selection

WZI has assisted large and small clients in establishing the optimal location for electrical generating power plants ranging in size from 1 MW to 1000 MW, including gas-fired cogeneration, solar, wind, and geothermal plants.

Economic Analysis

WZI has provided financial proformas for a variety of electrical generation facilities and has integrated energy pricing to establish project design criteria and define appropriate contract language. WZI’s understanding of these types of facilities and the associated economics has led to expert testimony regarding contractual issues.


WZI provides a range of studies and permit applications in support of the electrical generating facility permitting process such as air quality assessment, air permit applications, noise studies, environmental site assessments, water resource assessments, wastewater discharge permit applications and CEQA documents. WZI has coordinated with Utilities and specialized consultants to complete Interconnect Studies, System Impact Studies and Special Facilities Studies to complete Special Facility Agreements, Interconnect Agreements, Off-Take Agreements, Powerplant Licensing, etc.