Headquartered in Bakersfield, California, WZI Inc. is an environmental and consulting engineering company, which has achieved a reputation for high quality, successful project management. WZI offers professional and technical services in regulatory compliance (air, water, waste), geoscience, hydrology, site characterization, hazardous waste management, and environmental impact assessment. WZI offers its clients a uniquely high level of expertise, an innovative, technical approach and disciplined project management.

Since its beginning, the WZI client base has grown to include projects located throughout the United States and internationally. The variety of high-quality work for which WZI is known is the result of successful project management and the affiliation of leading, specialized talent in complex, industry-specific areas.

The success of the WZI approach to highly sensitive regulatory compliance, site characterization and waste management programs has already been clearly demonstrated by the rapid completion and permitting/licensing of some of the largest programs undertaken to date.

WZI demonstrates a clear understanding of the increasingly complex regulatory compliance and licensing statutes, and exhibits a strong capability to manage these sensitive programs. The selection of the appropriate level of expertise to address specific issues is important for forceful and rapid resolution of conflicts.

WZI’s extensive experience in permitting, its knowledge of and ability to overcome obstacles and its good working relations with the country’s leading authorities ensure its clients high caliber performance and reduced permitting time.