WZI is experienced in the following geophysical and specialty geoscience methods:

  • Ground and Airborne Total Field and Vertical Gradient Magnetics
  • High resolution Seismic Reflection and Refraction
  • Electromagnetic Conductivity
  • D. C. Electrical Resistivity and Induced Polarization
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Radiometric Mapping
  • Open hole geophysical logging
  • Post-Completion Borehole Geophysical and Televideo Logging
  • Surface or Spontaneous Potential mapping
  • Microgravity
  • Air Quality Monitoring, Mapping and Modeling
  • Soil Gas and Geochemical Sampling
  • Underground Facility Mapping

WZI offers a suite of complementary geophysical methods to enhance the evaluation of subsurface conditions for environmental site assessment and geotechnical engineering projects. Results of the geophysical survey can be calibrated with information from direct measurements to provide high data density over relatively large areas quickly at reasonable cost.