WZI provides full range petroleum engineering services. WZI’s professionals have the international expertise to deliver technically comprehensive and practical field engineering.

The reservoir management approach to project surveillance must use a coupled system consisting of wells, surface facilities, and the reservoir. All must be considered in a balanced way to maximize economic oil recovery. Also, a team effort from various functional areas is mandatory for development and implementation of a successful reservoir management program.

Reservoir engineering studies provide the basis for oil and gas field development strategic planning.

Before a reservoir study is undertaken it is important to obtain sufficient data to define the reservoir geometry and producing parameters. The former is done by a geological study and the latter by a specification of and collection of the necessary data components. After the data are collected and organized, any of the following types of reservoir studies may be conducted:

  • Development program planning
  • Reservoir performance prediction under various operating conditions
  • Water flooding and EOR potential
  • Gas deliverability projects
  • Oil, gas and products reserve estimates

Methods may include analytical calculations, analogy with other fields and reservoir simulation.

Geologic Studies

Geologic studies represent an integral part of oil and gas industry and to reservoir engineering studies. WZI services include:

  • Prospect Evaluation
  • Well Log Analysis
  • Non-producing Property Evaluation
  • Production Geology Studies

Reserve/Economic Studies

WZI professionals are experienced in making reserve and economic studies for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Evaluation Reports and Fair Market Value
  • Due Diligence
  • Unit Participation
  • Market and Economic Studies
  • Investment Analysis
  • SEC Reserve Reporting

Disposal and Injection System Design

WZI prepares disposal feasibility studies, regulatory documents, and the required engineering/geologic studies to identify disposal options available in the oil and gas field.