WZI provides geological professional and field support services for surface and subsurface site characterization for geotechnical studies, hydrogeological studies and minerals exploration/development.

Geotechnical Studies

WZI maintains a full time staff of certified engineering geologists, registered geologists and registered geophysicists who are qualified to perform geotechnical studies. Services include:

  • Preliminary Site Investigations
  • Grading and As-built Inspection and Reports
  • Slope Stability and Fault Studies
  • Septic System Feasibility and Design

WZI has completed comprehensive geotechnical studies on as large as 13,000 acres for feasibility planning.

Hydrogeological Studies

WZI has expertise in California hydrogeology which is recognized statewide. WZI has successfully located water supply wells for industrial and domestic users and designed and supervised well testing and analysis. WZI has designed and conducted monitoring programs to determine well interference and aquifer properties, and performed water budgets for utilization in strategic water supply planning. Additionally, WZI served as the County Hydrologist for the Kern County Environmental Health Services Department from 1991 to 1994. WZI services include:

  • Interpretation of geophysical logs for well construction.
  • Regional and site specific hydrogeologic studies.
  • Well design and construction supervision.
  • Pumping test design and analysis.
  • Water quality/water supply risk analyses.
  • Water use feasibility studies.
  • Design and implementation of geophysical surveys used in environmental studies.
  • Preparation of regulatory compliance environmental documents.
    • Solid Waste Assessment Tests (SWAT)
    • Hydrogeologic Assessment Reports (HAR)
    • Report of Wastewater Discharge (RWD)

Natural Resource Asset Evaluation

WZI performs mineral appraisals and exploration studies for both industrial, precious metal and petroleum natural resources.

These studies are conducted in phases from non-obtrusive surveys and literature review to subsurface boring and trenching on-site. This allows maximum client interface to direct the effort towards the desired objective.